Fighting it out in the VA.-05

  For the last month or so I have been sacrificing my weekends by assisting Robert Hurt’s campaign here in Albemarle County.  How much time? I finally dragged out my lawnmower and cut my yard. Granted, it has been dry lately, but in the backyard the dogs would be looking at me askance when i would throw a ball for them, only to have said tennis ball disappear into the thick spots.  My 11 year old son has been phone-banking too. In fact, he is up on me by about 60 calls. I have made about 550ish, he is just over 600. I have enjoyed meeting the other volunteers and staff on these few hours each weekend. I have experienced the thrill of being a force multiplier with just one phone call. I have calmed a caller or 2 by reinforcing the fact they are not alone in their concern for the well-being of our country.  I am reinforcing the point of the value of voting by pointing out the close marginof victory Perriello had over Virgil Goode (727 votes.)

  But all of this effort is not happening in a vacuum. Tom Perriello is getting massive aid from the SEIU, ACORN, the NEA, DNCC, and others ( my wife and I get to watch these ads nightly).  They are helping him as he continues to get increasingly negative as he tries to limp to the finishline. That is why I- a volunteer, a dad, a husband, a father, a worried citizen- am reaching out to you. Robert Hurt has a moneybomb from now until Wednesday. This weekend is the weekend I will be going door-to-door. the DTD has been underway since last week. ON election day, I will be a poll-watcher. The work is getting done. Boots are on the ground, but it is not in the bag. Helps out with a donation. Donate.