Hurt Vs. Periello in VA-05

Robert Hurt is running against Tom Perriello in Va-05 district. As a refresher, Tom beat out Virgil Goode in 2008 with a margin of victory of only 727 votes.  VA-05 went for McCain in 2008 by 7512 votes.  I have raised up off my couch, got away from the keyboard, and have been helping out in the local county Republican office for the last 3 weeks. On the weekends I take my oldest (11) and one of my other 2 kids to help out, usually for about 2-4 hours per week. #1 has actually been participating in the polling of Va-05 and the other 2 have been helping out with such tasks as stacking and bounding door hangers, stacking stickers, moving stuff around, etc.  Coming up will be boots on the ground and GOTV portion of the campaign, leading up to 11-02. While sitting in the office at the phone bank table, I have been witness to seeing my neighbors and other like-minded residents come in and ask for yard signs, stickers, and even the 4’X8′ signs for their properties that front some of the major roadways around these parts of Va-05. We were asleep at the switch in 2008 and let a progressive get past us. My sense is that many of us are saying to ourselves, “not again. ”  We could use some help down here, if you are so inclined.  Contribute  I am a firsttime, parttime, volunteer- a newbie to this whole process. I too am busy working and raising a family. I am not a schill for Hurt, but a conservative finding his voice and trying to fill the breach as best I can. Step 1, for me, is getting Perriello out of Congress, and getting Hurt up to DC as part of the army of 100.