Capitalism bad?

Neither capitalism nor corporations are bad. Many use aspirational rhetoric and theories to find a way to justify that some people simple don’t work harder, are as smart or as willing to do things for jobs and opportunities as others. It is important to note that both liberals and unions have their money invested in the same said villainous companies. (Do you think Al Gore and Hillary Clinton have their money in their sock drawer?) There are certain aspects of capitalism that might seem unfair. But step back and look at the demonization of capitalism and cronyism with  the lens of critical theory. Address the assumptions of the very foundations of the inequality argument. What types of choices in life did the guy in the sleeping make compared to the guy in the suit? Why are you assuming someone who has been marginalized choice? What does “systematically disadvantaged” mean? A single mother? Never had a father figure? Didn’t finish college? Never finished high school? None of these items are the true definition of systemic. They are the manifestations of decisions. Again, turn the constructive lens of critical theory on this economic argument and it falls to pieces.