Why not to attack Syria….

  • Seemingly the only person that wants to is Barack Obama. Why? Who knows? There are rumors about going “off teleprompter”, but who cares. We are going to kill thousands of people because one person made a mistake and decided to say something unplanned?  FYI: this isn’t American credibility at stake. It’s HIS. That’s his concern.
  • Not giving authorization if you don’t believe in it means little. Obama has been lame duck for approximately 30 seconds after Hillary started her campaign. Nothing is going to pass Congress. The only thing that might is the Debt Ceiling, which is even in question. His sequester went into effect and my grandmother isn’t eating dog food, my dog isn’t eating cat food and we aren’t eating the cat. Marginally smaller government doesn’t end the world. Obama can spend the rest of his term golfing. The GOP won’t lode the House because of the number of non-urban congressional districts.
  • They only trade with regional partners.  Their top trading partners are Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE. Others have far more to lose than us.
  • It’s a civil war. The premise of non-intervention outweighs the violation of the treaty law that was allegedly violated. Yes. Chemical weapons are bad, but as many liberals point out, that treaty was signed 1oo years ago, There is also the premise of clausula rebus sic stantibus . There had clearly been a change of circumstances: regimes and, importantly technology. Technically, anytime law enforcement or an army uses tear gas, it is a use of chemical weapons. Again, these practices are the norm… now…. 100 years later.
  • Any attack on Syria will do little. As Sec. Kerry so eloquently espoused, this is about setting an example and “Sending a message”. What message will this send? You can bait us into military action by killing one village. As heartless as it sounds, it’s true. Because of this, there are now a variety of U.S. warships in the vicinity. It only took a fishing boat to kill people and take out the U.S.S. Cole. Furthermore, with the Russians as their weapons, dealers, the only thing Putin sees now is dollar signs. We’re creating business for him. With an established army getting arms from the Russian arms dealers (the Russian government), what do you really thin a few or few HUNDRED MISSILES will do?

I am a former U.S. Marine. I have a Master’s Degree in Military History. I am almost done with my PhD. This is a bad idea.