Obama sell-out to Europe fails, otherwise know as

Well, Obama returned from Europe, and the only ones who seemed to know he even went were the bobble-heads from ABC, NBC and CBS news programs. And even they needed to see it on their teleprompters before they believed it.

For any candidate, particularily a Democrat (ask John Kerry)to think that Americans care what Europeans think of us shows how out of touch they are with the people they supposedly want to represent. It appears that Obama wants European vindication just in case he gets elected so he can get invited to their snazzy castles (the French Rivera is not same if you only get to stay in a Marriott).

Maybe Obama should have consulted the results of the 2004 Presidential election to see how fond Americans are for those that kow-tow to foreigners opinions of the good ol’ US of A. He seems to forget that the Europeans left in Europe are the ones that could not afford passage (or had the drive for improvement) to emigrate to this country. Notice there has NEVER been a reversal of Irish dispora, nor did the European Jews fortunate to escape Nazism return after we won WWII.

Even after Kennedy and Reagan saved Germany from themselves, there was no rush of Americans returning to the ‘motherland’.

For Obama to try and establish any kind of credibility as far as foreign affairs by goin to Europe and seeling out, is not only an indicaiton of the delusions of grandeur that he suffers from, but a picture of the future we, as a nation, cold expect from his foreign affairs policy.

To think that the greatest nation in the history of the world, the only shining light of freedom and liberty in the last 250 years, the nation that saved Europe from themselves (remember, France produced more war material for Nazi Germany that Germany itself) would even think of playing second fiddle to European idealogy defeats the entire purpose of our existance.

President George Washington, in the 1700’s, stated that we should never get involved in European affairs. And Obama wants them to dictate ours.

May we never have to sufer the indignation of asking another countries permission to handle our afairs.

Vlad the Impaler