You're right Obama, your nothing like those gentlemen on the dollar bills

Obama was 100% correct when he said he is nothing like the men on the dollar bills. Those were patroits, men of action, principals, character and a whole litany of desireable traits that Obama does not have. His campaign then states that Obama meant having spent a life time in polotics, and that this is what makes him “better”.

Well, lets run through those gentlemen and determine what they are versus Obama, and why that makes Obama better than them.

$1 – George Washington: “Father of our Country”, first President of the United States, first person ELECTED by the people to his office in the world, victorious commanding General of the Continental Army that liberated us from oppression. Yep, that was certainly a lifetime in politics that Obama wants no relation to. Maybe Obama should write a letter to the Queen of England, apologize for our revolution and open a “dialogue” for our reinstatement into the British Empire!

$2 – Thomas Jefferson: Wrote the “Declararion of Independence”, and doubled the size of the United States with the Lousiana Purchase. (Wonder how Audacity of Hope would stack against the Bill fo Rights)

$5 – Abraham Lincoln: I shudder that Obama has the audacity (of hope) to scorn Abe’s accomplishments.

$10 – Alexander Hamilton: We’ll just assume that “Federalist Papers” is slightly more revelant than Obama’s screed

$20 – Andrew Jackson: Hero of the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812.

$50 – Ulysses Grant: General of Union Armies under Lincoln. As President supported civil liberties for blacks and worked to abolish the Ku Klux Klan. Gee Obama, was he wrong?

$100 – Benjamin Frankin: Founder of the Unversity of Pennsylvania, founder and ardent support of liberty, inventor of electricity. What has Obama invented except selective hearing (he managed not to hear word of Jereniah Wright’s hate).