Does Frac Fluid Scare You? Then Check This Out...

Previously, in these pages, we’ve visited the controversy surrounding the industrial process used in completing oil and gas wells known as Hydraulic Fracturing. Despite the lack of evidence that energy industry practices have ever contaminated groundwater resources, published data do suggest that the average American is routinely exposed to potential health hazards from high concentrations of chemicals, acids and unknown additives contained in other industrial solutions.

Recent reports indicate that a typical American’s drinking supply contained 3,296 fluid ounces (over 25 gallons!) of one such noxious concoction last year. The manufacturer of the fluid has maintained an unbroken record of secrecy of over 100 years on its proprietary formula.

Existing governmental regulations require the disclosure of certain ingredients, while others remain behind a cloak of secrecy, outside the jurisdiction of the EPA. The disclosed ingredients include phosphoric acid (H3PO4), which has a highly acidic pH of 2.8, as well as an agent (HFCS) commonly derived from bio-engineered corn. It also includes a derivative of the coca plant, the source of cocaine, and other powerful stimulants. Other rumored ingredients include glycerine, a mysterious concoction known as “Merchandise 7X”, and a product derived from insects. Ewww!

Even in the typical concentrations associated with human consumption, the ingredients have been rumored to dissolve human bone and tooth enamel.

Rumors swirl about the shadowy Atlanta-based manufacturer and its products, which, according to rumor, “… have been criticized by various sources for various reasons including negative health effects resulting from consumption of its products, exploitative labor practices, high levels of pesticides in its products, building plants in Nazi Germany which employed slave labor, environmental destruction, monopolistic business practices, hiring paramilitary units to murder trade union leaders, and marketing unhealthy products to children.”

Please, Congressman Waxman! Congressman Markey! Save us from these corporate thugs who would poison our drinking supply!

Or, …

… have a Coke!

H/T Bob Tippee of the Oil and Gas Journal

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