Night of the Living Progressive Seminar Callers

Get ready, Sean Hannity and Dr. Laura: here come a whole raft of zombie-like “progressive” seminar callers, with talking points via the intertubes.

Obama campaign arm focuses on talk radio

…which links to: http://radio.barackobama.com/


These points are only to provide extra information and suggestions. Your personal story will make the most compelling message.

  • For most Americans, their health care plan covers too little and costs too much. Far too many people delay or even skip the care they need because they simply can’t afford it.
  • The plan the President laid out includes the largest health care tax cut for middle class families in history and makes coverage more affordable for tens of millions of families and small business owners and expands coverage to over 31 million Americans who are currently uninsured.
  • This plan will give millions of Americans new choices in health insurance by making coverage more affordable, ending the denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions, putting power in the hands of consumers instead of insurance companies and providing one of the largest tax cuts in history while also reducing our national deficit.
  • Reform couldn’t be more urgent – just this month consumers in California were told their premiums could go up as much as 39 percent.
  • Too many in Washington are now saying that we should delay or give up on reform entirely, but Americans understand the stakes for our economy and our lives, and we want action.

H/T Drudge