Bill's Big Brother Mose Jefferson Sentenced To 10 years

Mose Jefferson sentence of 10 years is maximum allowable | NOLA.com

William Jefferson had the limelight as the congressman from New Orleans, but Mose, schooled in the rough and tumble world of Chicago politics, was the architect of his brother’s rise. Now, unless their appeals are successful, both Jefferson brothers will be doing significant time in federal prison.

The family of nine brothers and sisters rose from a small farm in Lake Providence to fame and fortune in the big city, but the political machine they built has disintegrated in a wave of federal prosecutions.

Another Jefferson sibling, 4th District Assessor Betty Jefferson, will go on trial in March in the racketeering case along with Mose, her daughter Angela Coleman and former state Rep. Renee Gill Pratt [who is, BTW, Mose’s girlfriend].

On Aug. 21, just two weeks after his younger brother William was convicted by a Virginia jury, Mose Jefferson was found guilty on two counts of bribery and two counts of obstruction of justice in connection with $100,000 he gave to then-school board member Ellenese Brooks-Simms.

Heh. Heh-Heh.