The Insanity of 'Zero Tolerance'

Expelled student plans future — Baton Rouge, LA

Is it asking too much to expect “professional educators” to exercise just a tiny amount of judgment and common sense in the administration of anti-weapons policies?

In this case, the knife was a present from his dad with the words “To Luke, always know that I love you” engraved upon it.

The 17-year-old said he used the knife at his dad’s landscaping business on weekends and after school to open bags of seed and fertilizer.

He said he considers it a tool, not a weapon, and forgot he even had it when Woodlawn High’s principal asked to search his car. …

The student apparently had no previous discipline problems. Simpson’s mother said Luke had a 3.3 grade-point average at the time of his expulsion. In her written appeal, Simpson’s mother included notes from teachers commending Luke for being a well-behaved student who did his assignments.