Further on the Matter of the Party Crashers: An Open Letter to the Secret Service [UPDATED]

[UPDATE: It turns out that the Salahis had contact with President Obama. Oy vey.]

Dear Sirs:

I expect better of you. Seriously. Even if, as some have suggested, this is a put-up deal, it can’t help but reflect poorly on the reputation and performance of your fine Service, which has provided a century and a half of efficient professionalism and security to the nation.

Couple slips though security to crash White House state dinner

Let me be direct. My plans for November 2012 include voting against Barack Obama for the Office of the Presidency. Your #1 job is keeping the man safe until then. Safe, as in not-letting-harm-come-to-a-single-hair-on-his-head safe.

Joe Blow can’t get through airport security with a 4-oz. bottle of mouthwash, and these two shameless, self-promoting dipsticks get within shouting distance of the leader of the Free World. Or whatever.

This is not comforting:

“It’s important to note that they went through all the security screenings — the magnetometer screening — just like all the other guests did,” [Secret Service spokesman Ed] Donovan said. And, he added, Obama and others under Secret Service protection had their usual security details with them at the dinner.

Remember this, just a couple of months ago?

Al Qaeda has developed a new tactic that allows suicide bombers to breach even the tightest security… Inside a Saudi palace, the scene was the bloody aftermath of an al Qaeda attack in August aimed at killing Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, head of Saudi Arabia’s counter terrorism operations.

To get his bomb into this room, Abdullah Asieri, one of Saudi Arabia’s most wanted men, avoided detection by two sets of airport security including metal detectors and palace security. He spent 30 hours in the close company of the prince’s own secret service agents – all without anyone suspecting a thing.

How did he do it?

Taking a trick from the narcotics trade – which has long smuggled drugs in body cavities – Asieri had a pound of high explosives, plus a detonator inserted in his rectum.

[emphasis added]

Based on the photographic evidence at Michaele Salahi’s Facebook page, some other dinner guests shared the Salahis’ prodigious potential for bomb-toting capacity, to wit:

As a conservative and a patriot, I respect and honor the office of the President. Your job is to keep the man safe. I beseech you.

Yr humble correspondent,