U.S. Att'y Jim Letten Nails Another Corrupt New Orleans-Area Pol

Jim Letten, a Republican and eight-year Bush appointee as U.S. Attorney in New Orleans, has an impressive collection of political scalps.

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U.S. Att’y Jim Letten Nails Another Corrupt New Orleans-Area Democrat
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Add one more: St. John the Baptist Parish President Bill Hubbard.

Hubbard pleads guilty, admits sexual relationship after Letten demands confession

Bill Hubbard pleaded guilty to bribery charges Friday, but not before the former St. John the Baptist Parish president drew a stinging rebuke from U.S. Attorney Jim Letten, who called Hubbard out for lying about his relationship with a woman at the center of the government’s case.

You can read the sordid details, but apparently Mr. Hubbard had a little something on the side with a 31 year-old honey, and he got a couple of parish contractors to put up most of the dough to buy her a $20,000 car.

As is often the case with this kind of article, the party of neither the prosecutor nor the accused is disclosed. As I said before, Letten is a Republican.

Guess what. So is Hubbard. Good riddance.

Letten is doing a wonderful job in rooting out corruption wherever he finds it. It would be a crying shame if he were replaced by our Democratic President on partisan grounds.