Louisiana's Second Amendment Holiday

This weekend, residents of Louisiana, the ‘Sportsman’s Paradise’, enjoyed a sales tax holiday on purchases of firearms, ammunition, and hunting-related equipment, like camouflage clothing and ATVs.

And for the first time, I’ve joined the ranks of gun owners.

Going into the weekend, it was a big story for the major newspapers. The story angle, though, downplayed the of the tax holiday on firearm sales.

Combined state and local taxes are 8-9% in the major cities. The measure was the brainchild of a Democratic state senator, a measure of just how out-of-step some Louisiana Democrats can be with the national party.

Out of curiosity, I went by the Cabela’s in Gonzales, a hunting/outdoors superstore located just off the interstate between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. I’d guess there were at least 100 people in line waiting for their numbers to be called. There was also an NRA information/recruiting booth set up inside the store.

I had been planning to acquire a handgun for home protection for some time, so the 8% discount got me off dead center. I have no idea how much of a success the event was statewide. Maybe the big-city newspapers will do some actual reporting on the results.