White House Releases 145 Cool Pics of Air Force One Presidential Aircraft Over NYC

Buried in the weekend news avalanche of the LaGuardia bomb threat and RedState Gathering I in Atlanta, the White House finally released the other 145 photos of the Presidential Aircraft over Manhattan.

Is it possible to throw an airplane under the bus?

The email logs from the day of the flyby were also released. It is clear that early on, the situation advanced to DefCon 4, a/k/a “Full Arse-Covering Mode”.

“I agree we… need to accomplish damage control, but we aren’t the POC [point of contact],” the response reads. “Nor do I want to become a belly button for NORAD to push on this one.”

In the words of CNN, “And now, the rejects.”

The photographs show the Boeing VC-25 — a military version of a 747 — making three passes by the Statue of Liberty, at one point accompanied by an F-16 fighter jet and at another point making a steep bank not usually seen with passenger aircraft. That latter move may have contributed to the chaos below.

Presidential Aircraft in 30 degree bank for “final approach”.

“The difference between men and boys is the size of their toys.”

“RRRRRrrrrooooWWWWW! Ack-ack-ack-ack-ack! ZZZZZooooommMMMM! K-pow! K-pow! K-pow!”

“The Pentagon estimated the cost of the flight at $328,835, which includes the Boeing aircraft and the two fighter jets that accompanied it. But, they said, “the hours would have been flown regardless, and the expenses would have been accrued on a different mission.”

Video montage of all 145 photos.