“Who are the idiots that keep re-electing Henry Waxman?”, Part II

Gotta put this up front too. — Erick

My boss brought me a present when he returned from a vacation to California. Green soap.

You know the little sliver of soap that’s left when you use a bar down to the end? You know how our landfills are absolutely clogged with millions of those little slivers? You know how baby seals, endangered sea turtles and polar bears end up choking on the little slivers that accidentally wash down the drain? Well, the advanced thinkers on the Left Coast have put their collective heads together and come up with a solution to that problem. Behold:

“This innovative ergonomically shaped “waste reducing” soap has been designed to eliminate the unused center of traditional soap bars. This soap is cruelty free and contains no animal fat or byproducts. This carton is made from natural recycled packaging printed with soy based inks.”

As Jethro Bodine would say, “Sha-zam!”

H/T Dave ATN