LA Dems Suffer Setback in Struggle for Womyn's Rights and Equal Pay

The Democratic Party (A/K/A the Party of the Oppressed, the Party of Womyn’s Rights, the Party of Working People, Defenders of A Living Wage, etc.) have themselves a little image problem in the Bayou State, to wit:

2nd lawsuit filed against La. Democrats

Kimberly Hulbert of St. Tammany Parish filed suit Tuesday against the party, accusing its former executive director, Britton Loftin, of repeatedly fondling her and making sexually suggestive remarks. Loftin, who resigned in June, was Hulbert’s supervisor at the time.

A lawyer for the state party did not immediately return a call for comment on the suit.

Hulbert also filed another lawsuit this month, alleging that the party failed to pay her wages for months earlier this year. That suit says Hulbert left her job in April because of sexual harassment and unpaid wages.

In other news, on July 11 the Louisiana Democrats held their annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. The keynote speaker was James Carville (upon whose ancestral family grounds was built, fittingly, the U.S. National Leprosarium).

No word on whether the Jefferson being commemorated by the dinner was Thomas, or Dollar Bill (D-LA, IN HIS FREEZER!)