Capitalism Comes to North Korea?

H/T Colleen Vladimirovna

From the BBC:

Is North Korea turning capitalist?

Communist North Korea has embraced an eminently capitalist concept by airing on state TV what is likely to be its first beer commercial.

The advert, aired on Thursday, said that Taedonggang beer, with a unique scent and fresh taste, will help them ease stress and lead healthy lives because it is has been made with the finest ingredients under strict scientific conditions.

Whatever you’re doing, I implore you to watch the minute and a half video, the source of the still pictured above. If the spirited whistling doesn’t catch your fancy, the comely beer babe or the pictures of the happy workers in the beer manufacturing industrial collective will.

All that’s missing are a few snappy western-style slogans. May I offer a few suggestions?

“Drink Taedonggang beer! With a unique scent and just a hint of cabbage aftertaste!”

“Taedonggang Beer, made with pure Mount Paekdu spring water!”

“Taedonggang! When you plan to drink more than just a few…”

And my personal favorite:

“Amerikkka is recently steal Dear Leader prized satellite and put in ocean! Death to Obama the brigandish jew capitalism warmonger dog! Oh, and drink Taedonggang Beer!”