Paging Congressman Joseph Cao, (R-LA02)!

Congressman Cao, you are in a unique position to speak out loudly and forcefully on the so-called Honduran “coup”. By doing so, you can speak to the interest of one of your largest constituent groups, while at the same time building national reputation as a conservative and a freedom fighter.

Let’s face it: in November 2010, many in your D+28 district want to see you gone. You have very little to lose politically, but everything to gain. Hondurans, not Mexicans, make up the bulk of New Orleans’ Hispanic population, owing to the city’s historic ties to the Honduras banana trade:

… [N.O.’s] largest Latino population can trace its roots directly back to Honduras, giving New Orleans a larger Honduran population than most cities in that country.

I posted the following link to a Times-Picayune article on pilgrim’s “Honduran Blogger” thread on Monday (BTW, still at the top of the Recommended Diaries at this writing):

Many Hondurans in New Orleans support weekend ouster of their country’s president

With audiences largely made up of Hondurans, New Orleans’ two most prominent Spanish-speaking radio stations have been flooded with phone calls since the weekend ouster of the Central American republic’s president, most in support of the action.

An overwhelming majority of callers to Radio Tropical, KGLA-1540 AM, and La Fabulosa, WFNO-830 AM, likened the military’s removal of President Manuel Zelaya to the U.S. Constitution’s impeachment process, according to the stations’ talk show hosts, managers and guests. Callers also denounced world leaders’ use of the word “coup” to describe what happened. [emphasis added]

As a refugee from Communist tyranny in the country of your birth, your story is bound to resonate with your Honduran constituents. I urge you to speak up and condemn the meddling of the U.S. in the legitimate internal affairs of Honduras.