Heaven Claims Another Hollywood Star

Actress Gale Storm, perhaps best known as TV’s ‘My Little Margie’ after starring turns in such Big Screen features as Revenge of the Zombies and Curtain Call at Cactus Creek, is dead at 87.

Storm was a Texas high schooler named Josephine Owaissa Cottle when she entered a talent contest for a radio show called “Gateway to Hollywood” in 1940. She was brought to Los Angeles for the finals, where her wholesome vivacity won over the radio audience and she was awarded a movie contract. …

Given the quirky name Gale Storm, she went from contracts with RKO to Monogram to Universal, appearing in such low-budget films as “Where Are Your Children?” with Cooper and “Tom Brown’s School Days” with Freddie Bartholomew.

She was often cast in westerns as the girl the cowboy left behind, and appeared in such B-movies as “The Dude Goes West” with [Eddie] Albert, “The Kid from Texas” with Audie Murphy and “The Texas Rangers” with George Montgomery.

You can snag Gale Storm memorabilia here.

Gale’s official website is here.

What does it say about us that we idolize celebrities so? Why are we willing to look past their rather obvious character flaws and (mostly) repugnant political views? (And no, these comments are not directed at Ms. Storm, who I’m sure was a nice lady. Instead, they address our pathological fascination with celebrity, even notoriety, in general.)