St Bernard Parish Judge Arrested for Fraud; Oh, BTW, He's a Democrat

Promoted by Paul J. Cella, because it’s always a good day to highlight Democratic corruption.

St. Bernard Parish judge is arrested in fraud conspiracy

This may be of interest to nobody but me, but please allow me to indulge in eine kleine schadenfreude.

The parishes downriver of New Orleans have tolerated corrupt local judges for decades. Judge Leander Perez dominated politics in both St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes back in the ’50s and ’60s, and stole millions from the citizens in the process. The history of public corruption in St.Bernard and Plaquemines is exceptional, even by Louisiana standards.

These days, anyone trying to do business in the parishes gives up the home court advantage to the locals – quite literally. This is especially true in the case of claims of oyster damages in the parishes’ extensive marshlands (a topic of a RS 2.0 diary by yr humble correspondent). St. Bernard & Plaquemines judges are renowned for handing down outrageous damage awards to the local oysterfishermen who keep them in power. The fact that the outrageous judgments are routinely overturned in higher courts still means delays and lawyer fees which ultimately discourage activity. Many operators simply refuse to even try to do business in these parishes.

So it’s with no small amount of glee that I read that the FBI has arrested one of the bad actors. May there be more to come.