Jindal at NRCC: It is now illegal to show my speech at Gitmo!

Gov. Bobby Jindal reeled off some pretty good one-liners in his speech at the National Republican Congressional Committee. Imagine that: a self-deprecating politician! Cue the attack dogs, harassing lawsuits, and James Carville.

Jindal: Criticism of Obama is OK

(AP Photo/The News-Star, Arely D. Castillo)

“I have just learned that because of President Obama’s opposition to torture, it is now illegal to show my speech to prisoners at Guantanamo,” Jindal said … .

Jindal labeled the American education system “unjust” and said the Democrats haven’t had a good idea on the issue “since the chalkboard was invented.”

As indicated by the headline, Jindal also addressed the “failure” issue:

“We are loyal to the president of the United States whether he is a Republican or a Democrat,” Jindal said. “Loyalty does not mean that we have to agree with his policies.”

As he has in the past, Jindal also chided the party faithful for getting away from its core principles.

“Americans did not stop being conservative,” Jindal said. “They feel the Republican party stopped being conservative.”

Jindal encouraged Republicans to stand and fight the opposition on issues such as health care, education, energy, national spending and ethics reform. Obama has already veered from promises he made on the issues before he was elected, Jindal said.