Carol Browner for Energy Czar? >>Carol Browner

Reports: Obama picks top officials for energy and environment

Oh. My. Word.

Carol Freaking Browner. Administrator of the EPA for eight years under for Bill Clinton.

I guess that it should come as no surprise, but this appointment indicates that, despite the rhetoric, energy security, supply and affordability will not be on this administration’s agenda.

Instead, the focus will be on CAFE standards, carbon sequestration, increased regulation, limited access, hostility to American companies and indifference to American resources. ANWR? Are you kidding? Open the OCS to drilling? Fugeddabowdit. Did I mention increased prices?

Nothing in Ms. Browner’s resume indicates any particular knowledge or experience in energy. She’s an environmental lawyer who favors Big Government, anti-Corporate solutions.

Carol M. Browner is a principal of The Albright Group LLC, a global strategy firm. Ms. Browner provides strategic counsel to clients in the areas of environmental protection, energy conservation, and climate change. She positions clients in many sectors to succeed in enhancing corporate responsibility, gaining market access, identifying political and regulatory risks, and developing strategic partnerships and business relationships.

Ms. Browner served as the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for eight years, longer than any other administrator in EPA’s history. As a Cabinet official during the Clinton administration, she built unique partnerships with business leaders, community advocates, and all levels of government. She also developed common sense, cost-effective solutions to the nation’s most pressing environmental and public health challenges.

Ms. Browner currently serves as chair of the National Audubon Society, one of the country’s oldest environmental organizations. She is on the Board of the Directors of the Center for American Progress, the Alliance for Climate Protection, and the National Brownfields Association.

Ms. Browner earned both a B.A. and J.D. from the University of Florida.

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