BREAKING! Freak Climate Change in South Louisiana!

Severe climate change, caused by excessive carbon emissions from two of Al Gore’s Gulfstream IVs, descended upon South Louisiana this morning in the form of a <a href=”http://www.theadvertiser.com/article/20081211/NEWS01/81211001&referrer=FRONTPAGECAROUSEL”>freak snowstorm.</a>

<img src=”http://cmsimg.theadvertiser.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/bilde?NewTbl=1&Site=DG&Date=20081211&Category=NEWS01&ArtNo=812110802&Ref=PH&Item=1&Maxw=542&Maxh=352&q=60″>

Snow comes to South Louisiana about once in a decade. Residents awoke this morning to large fluffy flakes of the white stuff, and 1-2 inches of accumulation. The flakes quickly turned to sleet, and the snow will be gone by 8:30 am CST, but many of the area kids will still get the day off school.

<a href=”http://www.redstate.com/redhot/2008/12/09/global-warming-continues-to-worsen-brrrrrrr/”>Ojmjakon</a> it ain’t, but it’s a wet cold. Hahahaha.