Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) Pension: $42,750 per Year

Regardless of the outcome of his criminal trial, defeated Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) still qualifies for his $42,750/yr Congressional pension.

New law won’t affect Jefferson’s pension

In 2007, Congress passed a new ethics law that would deny pensions to members who are convicted of certain felonies, including soliciting or receiving bribes — two of the charges pending against the nine-term New Orleans Democrat.

But at the time, House leaders said that by law they can’t retroactively take away benefits from members.

Only convictions for felonies committed after the law was enacted Sept. 14, 2007, could cost a member his or her pension. Jefferson was indicted in June 2007, three months before the law went into effect, and most of the allegations against him involve events that occurred in 2005 or earlier.

$42,750?! That’s hardly enough to fill a Ziploc storage container.