Mr. Cao Goes to Washington

The stunning defeat of career Corruptocrat William Jefferson (D-LA; IN HIS FREEZER!) gives us all several reasons to celebrate.

Sure, it’s a partisan victory, but one that is unlikely to translate into any long-term Republican advantage. The Democratic voting mentality is deeply entrenched in LA-02. For whatever reason, African-American voters stayed away from the polls in droves on Saturday.

Let’s celebrate because, for once, the Good Guy won and the Bad Guy lost.

Let’s celebrate the success of the Vietnamese refugee community, and the fact that our country’s promise to the “wretched refuse” is not a hollow one. (While we’re at it, let’s celebrate the success of the Indian immigrant community as represented by Governor Bobby Jindal.)

Here’s Joseph Cao’s bio from the Times-Picayune.

Here’s my diary from yesterday, “Lessons Learned from LA-02”, rescued from the black hole.