Lessons Learned from LA-02: Hooray for Joseph Cao!

  1. “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.” Saturday’s general election in LA-02 would normally have fallen on November 4, but the election scheduled was altered on account of Hurricane Gustav in early September. The huge turnout for the presidential race would have undoubtedly returned Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) to office.
  2. It’s hard to sustain voter enthusiasm for a crook. Especially one with no committee assignments.
  3. The voters of LA-02 are a “high overhead” constituency. It costs a lot, including direct cash payments to voters, to get them to turn out & vote. There’s a lot of money around in big elections, or if gambling issues are on the ballot. If it’s something as simple as voters being impassioned about a candidate, we have a chance.
  4. Hurricane Katrina and the FBI anti-corruption investigations have done a lot to curtail the power of the traditional Democratic GOTV organizations in New Orleans.
  5. The idiots at kos are patting themselves on the back for not being too upset about Jefferson’s departure. But calls for his resignation since his problems came to light back in 2005 have been few and far between. Much of the progressives’ sanguine demeanor is explained by the realization that Cao is unlikely to hold the seat past 2010.
  6. Joseph Cao displayed guts and passion and a lifelong commitment to service in filing for office. We need more Republican candidates like him. Hooray for Joseph Cao!