It's a Long Time 'til 2012.

Barring the unforeseeable (like, for example, a Conservative Epiphany on the part of the current President-elect, or monkeys flying out of my posterior region), I’ll be supporting the Republican nominee for President in 2012.

None of the prominent Republican names deserves a 2012 endorsement at this time, less than two weeks after the 2008 election.

It remains to be seen how successful or popular President Obama will be after his first term (our conservative convictions notwithstanding). We have no idea what challenges our country will face in Foreign Relations, the Economy or the Culture during the next four years.

We have no idea what will happen in the 2010 congressional elections, or what kind of lackeys and bootlicks the new President will appoint to High Office.

In 2004, Sarah Palin was chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission, and on nobody’s radar for Vice-Presidential consideration. With the exception of achance, none of us at RedState even knew the name.

At this time in 2004, Bobby Jindal had yet to take the oath for his first congressional term. Absent the Katrina/Rita debacle in 2005, there’s a very good chance that Governor Kathleen Blanco would be serving out her second term in Baton Rouge right now, and Bobby would still be in Washington.

The same goes for Pawlenty, Sanford, et al.

There is hard work to do. Like defining and shaping a new Republican Party. Like leading the fight for conservative values (e.g., Amendments One and Two, for starters) in the face of an inevitable Democratic onslaught. Like leading the Republicans to victory in 2010. Like having character and avoiding scandal (apparently a challenge for too many). Like just doing the job you’ve been elected to do.

Stuff happens. Let’s hope there are other deserving names, our future standard bearers, that we have yet to meet.