Or as we say in LA: "Laissez les Suck Temps Roulez!"

Not much time, just a couple of notes…

Of course, Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA02){IN HIS FREEZER!} will proudly reclaim his seat as the Dean of Louisiana’s congressional delegation. He defeated a newcomer, 30 year old former news anchor Helena Moreno in the Democratic Primary 57 to 43%; the formality of the General Election will take place December 4. About the time his bribery trial resumes, IIRC.

We had a net gain of one R congressional seat, LA-06 (Baton Rouge). Short-term Dem incumbent Don Cazayoux was defeated by Republican State Sen. William Cassidy in the race for Richard Baker’s old seat. Here’s what made the race particularly interesting: a miffed Dem, State Rep. Michael Jackson, ran as an independent, thereby splitting the Democratic vote. Under the old open primary system, 50% +1 was required to win any race. Cassidy won with 48% of the vote.

And I have patiently waited out election day for this: the powers that be could not have picked a more flaccid opponent for Sen. Mary Landrieu than State Treasurer John Kennedy (R, for now). The man was a Kerry supporter in 2004, for crying out loud. Lame, lame, lame!