For Weather and/or Energy Geeks Only

Courtesy our friends at Fugro/Chance (a surveying firm), and hosted by the Offshore Operators’ Committee:

A .pdf file showing the tracks of Hurricanes Gustav & Ike.

There’s a ton of detail in this map. You’ll need to look at it at close to 100% to make any sense of it.

The purpose of this map is to show the structures (red squares) that experienced hurricane-force winds (>74 mph). Those structures will require an inspection for signs of structural damage. Just eye-balling it, it looks like 90% of the platforms saw high winds from at least one of the storms.

The reason I wanted to make the map available is so that lay people can see the density of development in the Gulf. The lease blocks (the numbered squares) are roughly 3 miles on a side. The spidery network of grey lines are the pipelines that move production to shore. The yellow pathways represent shipping fairways and anchorage areas for maritime traffic.

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