The Legal Woes of the Jefferson Clan (D-LA)

The plot so far: Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) awaits trial on bribery and corruption charges. Meanwhile, the primary election in his quest to be re-elected has been rescheduled to Oct. 4 on account of the disruption caused by Hurricane Gustav. (I predict he’s going to be reelected, BTW.)

Brother Mose and Sister Betty Jefferson await their own trial on charges of looting some $627,000 from an assortment of publicly-funded “charities” under their control. (Betty’s daughter Angela is also charged in the case.)

Problem is, Betty’s youngest daughter Brenda is Witness for the Prosecution #1, having already copped a plea. Brenda was advised by Mose and Betty’s attorney, Ike Spears.

Yesterday, the judge in the case ordered Mose and Betty to find new counsel to avoid conflicts.

The worm turns.

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