Hurricane Gustav: Is there an award for "Farthest Evacuation"?

So I blogged the other night *[maybe you’ll have better luck than I did trying to pull up “My Diary”] *about the uncertainty and the psychology of hurricane preparations, specifically the questions:

  1. Should we run?
  2. If so, when?
  3. And to where?

Well, for us, and for this storm, those questions have been answered thusly:

  1. Yes.
  2. Friday night.
  3. Chicago. Yes, the one in Illinois.It appears increasingly certain that Hurricane Gustav will make landfall along the central Louisiana coast sometime around Monday afternoon. Assuming it plays out that way, the areas directly affected by the direct impact of the storm and its surge would be Houma, Morgan City and up the U.S. Highway 90 corridor from Patterson to Lafayette, where I live.

New Orleans would not be out of the woods as the northeast quadrant of any storm packs the worst of the thunderstorms. It’s possible that the storm surge could funnel up in to Lake Ponchartrain and threaten the city’s rebuilt levee system.

All of my family and most of my friends will be out. We left behind stuff, most of which is replaceable. Say a prayer for those who can’t or won’t leave.

BTW, lest you think our evacuation is a tad extreme, we took advantage of the long weekend to move daughter #1 from New Orleans to Chicago where she will be in grad school for the next 15 months.