"Above your pay grade"?!

While I would tend to agree that Barack Obama is overmatched by the moral depth inherent in the question “When does life begin?”, his answer to the question opens the door to many other issues where, as President, he might be in over his head. As Leader of the Free World, the President of the United States doesn’t get to skate on any issue, and any serious contender for the office should know that. In fact, we as a nation look to the President for moral leadership, so this “above my pay grade” bit doesn’t wash.

So if we take Barack at his word, might we also question his Solomonic readiness when it comes to other issues that we can anticipate? Namely:

  • Supreme Court nominations
  • Federal judgeships
  • The Nuclear Football
  • Committing troops to overseas action
  • Bringing troops home from overseas actions
  • Fiscal policy
  • Tax policy
  • Energy policy
  • Income redistribution
  • Health care
  • Labor policy
  • Pardons and commutations

We expect a lot from our President. Nothing is “above the pay grade”.