Rep. Charles Boustany (R-LA) Joins House Energy Revolt

Dear Friends,

Today I returned to the House Floor in Washington, D.C., calling on Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, to reconvene the House to vote on meaningful energy legislation.

Gas prices continue to squeeze family budgets, this is what I heard across Southwest Louisiana. Congress can act to help lower the cost of gas and diesel, but the Speaker and Washington Democrats refuse any reasonable compromise. Back home, I saw how we can responsibly explore for and produce American energy. It keeps jobs in the U.S. and is spurring our economy.

As several other posters have noted, one can argue about how long it takes to bring a new discovery on production, but as soon as the rigs go to work (and even before), jobs are created. Good paying jobs. Rep. Boustany represents Lafayette and Lake Charles; southwest LA is home to thousands of workers in the drilling and production industries, and is the cradle of offshore technology.

We’re glad that you’ve joined the fight, Rep. Boustany!