In Raleigh, NC Flag Poles are Illegal

Tomorrow at the Tax Day Tea Party 2010, participants may be surprised to know that “Flagpoles” are now banned within the State Capitol Grounds (well only if they are wood, metal or plastic).

Our authorites have also banned color guard unless there is a special amendment granted for the permit (oh thank you so much Raleigh, you’re so caring and giving)

Now I keep a close eye on the national and local news everyday. I am a tea party participant …. and I just heard about this on the radio today!

Authorities say this does not infringe our first amendment rights. I would argue that, plus the timing is suspect. However the real concern here is that thousands of participants may not have heard about this new rule either. There is also the matter of infiltrators looking to ruin our day. The Capital Police can strip the permit and shut down the Tea Party if people resist. What is the likelihood of a patriot concerned about his/her country and their rights, being blindsided by this ban when approached by an officer. Lots of scenarios come to mind, but the bottom line is there could be trouble. I guess I’ll be carrying my flag on a fishing pole.

If you do a Google search for (raleigh flag poles wood metal plastic) you will find a few news articles and blogs.

Here are a couple of links to get you started (LINK) and (LINK)

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