NC04 Frank Roche needs your help!

Red State friends: I know that we’ll be seeing a lot of these in the coming year and I’m not too proud to get on the bandwagon early. Our District is in dire need of conservative representation. David Price (D), an extreme liberal, has been in office since the 80’s, losing it once during the ’94 smack down. We believe he will loose it for good this time.

If you live in or around our district, please consider a quick donation (you know how important this is). Even if you can’t, we would appreciate your support. The following is a mass email sent by Frank today.

From Frank Roche –

Dear Friends: The New Year is nearly upon us, and important fundraising deadlines come along with that. I need to raise $20,000 before midnight tomorrow. The Obama administration, along with the Democrats in Congress, are directing America in a uniquely un-American way, and doing so without hesitation. I do not believe this is the “change” America signed up for in 2008. I am working diligently to assure victory in 2010 in order to provide another vote in Congress against further moves to the left: pushing back against the type of socialist change the Democrats in control have in mind; and working to bring Congress back within the constraints of the Constitution based on conservative principles and focused on putting America First. Your help is critical to keep America – the greatest Republic ever created; founded on individual liberty, strong national defense, with free enterprise based on capitalist principles – from reaching a point of no return far sooner than any good American could have imagined just two years ago. Click HERE and donate as much as $2,400, or as little as $10. Every dollar helps. It is imperative, in order to bring national attention to the North Carolina 4th District Congressional race, that I report a strong fundraising amount for the quarter ending December 31st. Our longtime liberal Representative is in lock step with the Obama agenda. His 22 year reign in Congress is enough, it’s time for change in the 4th District. Please visit my website and DONATE NOW. Contribute $2400, or contribute $10, every dollar helps. Tell your friends. Thank you, Frank Roche
Republican Candidate, US Congress 2010
North Carolina’s 4th District