NC-4 2010 - Frank Roche face off with the liberal nut job David Price.

We need your assistance in this race.

Let me introduce David Price first; First elected in 1987, voted Cap-and-Trade, Healthcare, Stimulus, Federally funded abortions, seemingly hates the military, 91% liberal rating from the National Journal (sounds low to me), on three Appropriation sub-committees … and so on. All around bad guy that loves to spend your money. In the last election he won 62% in his district. Obama won 63% of this district. UNC and Duke rest in this district (very liberal) along with Durham which holds a large African American population.

Now the good news. We have Frank Roche.

Frank is a fiscal and social conservative with a Master in Economics. You absolutely need to read his stance on the issues: http://www.rocheforcongress.com

He is strong on immigration, favors a flat or consumption tax, big on nuclear power and drilling offshore …. I could go on and on.

Frank is also a Fox News Business contributor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cayMddVxIiE

Other Frank Roche Videos:

We need your help to catapult this campaign. There are a lot of bright people on this web site with bright ideas. Let’s have’em. This will be a tough contest, but I believe we have the best candidate to bring in a republican home run in 2010.  We have some sizable grassroots support including small and large businesses, and of course the tea party efforts.

Thanks and I look forward to your comments.