Where is Bill Foster?

Bill Foster and Pat Quinn, Pandering Politicians.
Bill Foster and Pat Quinn, Pandering Politicians.

As we sit and wonder just exactly what our Congress is up, it is time we step up to accept part of the blame for the dysfunction that pervades our government.  In the past year we have suffered through a government shutdown, repeated budget standoffs, the start of the implementation of Obamacare, numerous foreign policy disasters, and countless amounts of tax dollars wasted.

While our country is grappling with major problems and a crippling inability to get anything done, we, as citizens, need to become part of the solution. The problems we face, while they may seem partisan at times, are actually the result of electing people more worried about their next election then finding the next solution.

Our elected officials are afraid to tackle any problems because that involves tough votes and doing the right thing.  To be blunt, it is far easier to sit on the sidelines and watch the game get played then to have to go out there and move the ball forward.

Illinois politicians are especially guilty of this behavior.  Even in a lackluster Illinois Democrat Congressional Delegation, Bill Foster stands out as a stunning example of this behavior.  Foster, while accomplishing nothing and standing for anything that may provide political gain, has made himself into a career politician that typifies the dysfunction in our government today.

Foster has shown the distinct ability to be able to hide on the sidelines, waiting out problems without offering any solutions, and only showing up during an election.  Foster has changed his positions so many times since he was first elected in 2008 that it is nearly impossible to keep track.

In 6 short years I have been able to find Foster all over the board on the important issues facing our nation, lacking the spine to stand up for what he really believes in, if he really believes in anything except his next re-election.

He was against gay marriage before he was for it, he railed against earmarks before accepting them, he was for changing Social Security before he was against it, he was against Obamacare before he was for it, and most strange he was against the Bush tax cuts, then for them, then against them once again.

I am sure these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to say anything and accomplish nothing Congressman Bill Foster.

As our country and state continue to wallow under the yoke of self-serving politicians with no agenda to solve any of the problems facing our country it is time we stand up and do something about.  Bill Foster has to go, his time to prove himself is over, he has shown one thing in his Congressional tenure, he will say and do anything to get elected and say and do nothing to move our country forward.

If we continue to allow Bill Foster to get elected we deserve the policies he brings to Washington, and not even Bill Foster knows what those policies could be.