Will Unions Cut Off Kirk Dillard in the Illinois General?

The primary election is right around the corner and once again organized labor is trying to buy and election in Illinois.  This time however it is a Republican they are looking to purchase.

With ever increasing contributions to “Republican” Kirk Dillard it is clear that labor is deathly afraid of Bruce Rauner or Bill Brady winning and think their best chance to defeat them is in the primary.  But will the IEA, AFSCME and the rest stick with Dillard if he makes it through the primary?

Without labor support Dillard would have no money, and labor knows that.  The business types with Rauner and the conservative types with Brady have no interest in funding Dillard’s race.

My bet is that if Dillard gets through the primary labor will cut off his $$$ immediately.  They will then achieve their main goal of getting Pat Quinn reelected.  Labor knows that Quinn is such a goober he can’t win a general against a real opponent so that is why they are setting up Dillard.

Remember that in November labor wants one thing and that is a Governor willing to raise taxes to pay their salaries and keep the union dues flowing.  Quinn is that guy, Dillard would like to be that guy but they already have a known commodity in Quinn.

So when you see those flashy ads for Dillard remember that he is the “Republican” straw man who is getting set up by labor to blow it in November and screw up our state even more.

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