Illinois Republican Senate Primary Battle

The race to dethrone Dick Durbin pits a fresh face and a very old one.  Doug Truax vs Jim Oberweis will, in my opinion, be the second most intriguing race in the Republican primary this year after the Governor’s race.

Doug is a healthcare professional who has a solid grasp of the issues that are important in a federal election.  Doug was recently endorsed by Newt Gingrich which may help his campaign get some much needed momentum.  His Achilles heel will be his inability to raise money but his newcomer status has seemed to excite a grassroots movement in many locations throughout the state.

Jim Oberweis is the name everyone knows, for better or for worse and a fat wallet.  His rants and careless speeches in previous campaign will undoubtedly cost him dearly in the general election if he gets that far.  In fact, his introduction video apologized for many of his past mistakes.  Jim Oberweis has shown a distinct ability to buy primaries but lose in November, that trend will continue if he wins this primary.

In a year where Dick Durbin could be vulnerable because of the midterm election and the worsening condition of Obamacare Illinois Republicans need to run someone with who has a chance to win.

Doug Traux has a chance to win in the General Election but he needs to escape the primary first.

Conservative and moderates alike need to focus on the General Election and start backing Truax so we have a chance to win in November.  And Truax needs to start raising money so that he can be a serious contender.  If those two things happen the dream of defeating Durbin could become a reality.

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