Illinois Republican Bert Miller: The Democrat Choice for Congress

The 11th Congressional District in Illinois seems to be a great mystery of politics.  Bill Foster handily beat Judy Biggert last year, but he appears extremely vulnerable with 5 4 Republicans vying to take him on in the fall election.  Mr. Foster is mostly known for his ability to bore crowds and his lack of involvement in the district.

While there is actually 5 people appearing on the Republican primary ballot, I clearly said there are only 4 Republicans running for election.  A late addition to the race has left many people, including myself wondering if the Democrats are running one of their own as a Republican.

Bert Miller is the man in question.  Bert lives well outside the district, and while I never think that is a true killer issue it is extremely strange that late in the game he would decide to enter into a race where he can’t even vote for himself.

If that wasn’t strange enough it has recently come out that Mr. Miller is more Democrat than he would ever like us Republicans to know.  Apparently the Daily Herald covered it prior, but I honestly missed it.

The facts are this, Bert Miller has admittedly given thousands of dollars to some of the worst Democrats in the state, and country for that matter.  The list includes infamous names like Madigan, Blagojevich, and most alarming, OBAMA.

That is right, at a time when the U.S. House is the only line of defense from the Socialist agenda of President Obama, an Obama supporter looks to join the U.S. House, as a Republican.

It seems, in my very humble opinion, that Illinois Democrats recruited Bert Miller to run so that at the end of the day Bill Foster, an Obamacare loving Democrat, or Bert Miller, also an Obama lover, would be there to protect Obama’s agenda.

Please warn your friends and relatives in the 11th Congressional District (Naperville, Joliet, Bolingbrook, Lisle, and New Lenox) that Bert Miller is most likely a Democrat plant and should be treated as such in a Republican primary.

Thanks for reading,