Illinois Republicans Need More Jeanne Ives, the Teacher’s Union Wants Less

In Wheaton Illinois a fight for the very soul of conservative Republican politics is taking place.  A battle between conservatives and the far-left is brewing in, of all places, a Republican primary.

The current State Representative, Jeanne Ives, is the ultimate no nonsense politician.  She is brash, she speaks her mind, and most of all she is a true conservative.  And that is what scares the union bosses at public employee labor unions.  Jeanne Ives is public employee enemy number 1.

While many of the so called Republicans go to Springfield to shill for organized labor Jeanne Ives takes it on head first.  Jeanne is the first and only State Representative to introduce a right-to-work bill in Illinois.  You read that correctly, the law of the land in Indiana and Wisconsin has only been introduced in Illinois by Jeanne Ives, the only one with guts.

Jeanne Ives is the standing up on a daily basis and fighting the status quo.  That is why big labor is so desperate to get rid of her, and we need to be desperate to keep her.

If we let Wheaton fall to big labor, there will be no voice left in Illinois for taxpayers.  And while the union sponsored attacks about Jeanne not passing a law are correct, it is because Illinois politicians are afraid of an Ives law.

Please join me in supporting Jeanne Ives in Wheaton Illinois and visit her website here http://www.ives42.com/ives42/

-Vince Spalding