Time for Illinois Conservatives to Rally Behind Bill Brady

Bill Brady should be the conservative’s choice for Illinois Governor

With the primary less than one month away it is time for conservatives to rally behind Bill Brady for Illinois’ next Governor.  While it has been an interesting primary campaign and we have four very divergent candidates, it is clear the only one who has the conservative values we are looking for is Bill Brady.

Kirk Dillard, who has been positioning himself as the conservative alternative to Bruce Rauner, gave it all up last week with him accepting huge campaign contributions from the Illinois Education Association.  The IEA is one of the largest and most politically powerful public employee unions in the state, they are responsible for many of the fiscal problems we are faced with.  It is unacceptable to be a conservative Republican and run in lockstep with the IEA.

Bruce Rauner, while a fresh face to the public political scene, has been an insider for years.  His support of numerous Democrats including Rahm Emanuel and others are highly discouraging.   His campaign to shake up Springfield seems mostly like smoke and mirrors in an attempt to trick voters.

Dan Rutherford’s campaign has sunk so fast that it is hardly worth mentioning but I will add this.  If his management style as Treasurer is any indication of how he would run the state we should all be worried, and polls show that Republican voters are worried.

That leaves us with one true choice, Bill Brady.  If Bill was able to run in the General Election as he looks now he would have won.  I am not sure he will win this time but he is presenting a clear plan of what he wants to do and how he will do it.  While Bill is not raising money he is raising voters by a solid grassroots effort.  We need to rally around Bill Brady as a unified conservative choice to insure that our voice is heard as one and not split up by the groups that want us to fail.

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