Health Care: My letter (rant) to Congressman

My Congressman (D-Chicago) is useless.. so I stopped being respectful in my communications to him years ago.. so those of you who will feel compelled to give me a civics lesson.. I normally would agree with you, so need for you to do so.

This is what I wrote;

All I have to say is this Congress makes me sick. I dont know anyone out here who trusts you guys any more.  This entire Government is failing and failing big.

Vote no.  God only knows what is in that bill.

That is a bill designed to not be understood

I’m not even going to ask that the Representive read it.  No one would be able to read it and understand it..

And accordingly therefore, you should not vote for things you don’t understand.

Nancy Pelosi has to be removed from Leadership.

I wish I had a Representive in Congress who had some balls .. but instead I have this mute who I never hear anything about.

So be it.. vote no.