Much Needed Government Reforms - Ideas?

Lets say the 2010 elections are a rout, and the Dems lose their majority big time… replaced by libertarian-leaning Constitutional-minded somebodies.

What should Congress do to begin the process of revitalizing American civic culture?

Here’s my list in order of priority:

  • Reinstate Bush tax cuts, cancel any tax hikes
  • Cancel any undisbursed Stimilus funds, with clawback requirements for money dispensed in last 6 months
  • If “health care / insurance / blah blah reform” has passed.. repeal it  (I’m assuming any reform will be destructive due to the agenda of the current Majority)
  • Same thing regarding immigration
  • Immediately disband all “Community Volunteer” organizations that have any relationship with the Federal Govt., with clawback requirements for money since 2008
  • End all payments to Community Organizing organizations, with clawback requirements for money since 2008
  • Institute English as only language for Federal Govt
  • Bar all Govt Workers from being in an Union
  • Just as “Conduct Unbecoming of US Military” is actionable offense, “Violating / Not Heeding Oath to Defend Constitution” grounds for removal from office, action can be initiated by citizens by some means not subject to Govt official approval or veto.

Constitutional Amendments:

  1. Repeal XVII Amendment (Popular Election of Senate)
  2. Repeal XVI Amendment (Income Tax)
  3. Repeal XIX Amendment (Just joking)

New Amendment:
Establish Federal Judicial Review Supreme Court.

  • Justices must conform to Founding Father’s intention in Constitutional definitions
  • Justices must agree that the enumerated powers in Article I limit the powers of Congress to address any general clauses (ie: General Welfare clause is restrained by enumerated powers, not in addition to them)
  • Justices can use only Constitutional text, or any other writings of the signers of Declaration of Independence or Constitution. No other precedents are usable.
  • Any “novel idea” must be advocated by more than one Founder
  • No legal weight is to be given by implied authority
  • Any lower Federal or State Court that declares a law unconstitutional must have its decision affirmed or rejected by this Court
  • Courts, in the context of Judicial Review,  may only declare actions unconstitutional. They shall not direct other branches of Govt to do anything more than what is already enacted law.

Government use of Private Property for Public Use

  • The Fifth Amendment shall be updated to read

from “…nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation”

to “nor shall private property or private income or privately held money be taken for public use, without just compensation”

First Amendment Revision:

  • “Freedom of Religion does not include freedom to conspire to impose Sharia law in the United States or other forms of Non-Civil Law Systems, recognizing that in American tradition, basic human rights are a consequence of man being made in the image of Biblical Deity and permitted Free Will and Free Conscience by that Creator”


  • Article II “Natural Born Citizen” clarified to mean one born of two US Citizen parents, regardless of place of birth provided both parents have x amount of years residency in the US”