To Hell with the Presidential Contest -- Give Me the NCAAB Tournament

The year 1978 matters for me.  One reason is the 1978 NCAAB championship game.  Michigan State vs. Indiana State.  Magic Johnson, a 6’8″ guard vs. Larry Bird, a 6’9″ forward.  What a game.  I watched it from a room high in an Atlanta hotel tower.

Jimmy Carter was president.  What a downer.  The 1970s had been a big downer.  But now this basketball game.  With two All-Americans who would change the NBA.

Fast forward to today, 3-24-16.  Thirty-eight years later.  Two turkeys are leading in the presidential contest.  No matter.  The best team will win this year’s NCAAB tournament.  And next year’s NCAAB tournament.

The libs, the socialists, ISIS, and the lot ignore the NCAAB tournament.  It’s not political.  I favor Indiana and Wisconsin.  That’s not political.  I’m an old Big 10 alum.  Apologies Maryland.

Let’s celebrate the NCAAB tournament.  It’s America.

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