How Will Hillary Attack Trump?

Assuming Clinton and Trump are the nominees, it’s useful to consider how Clinton will attack Trump along issue fault lines.

Abortion:  Clinton has no advantage here with pro-aborts.  Trump’s position on abortion is somewhat like Reagan’s:  the Supreme Court has said it’s legal, so although I oppose it, my thinking on the matter doesn’t matter.

Taxes:  Both favor higher taxes on the highest income earners.  No advantage to Clinton.

Women:  We know Hillary supports all women (cough).  Notwithstanding Megyn’s dustup with Donald, Trump gets high marks from his former wives.

Defense:  A draw, on paper.

Immigration:  Yale Law School gives an A to Hillary, an F to Trump.  Voters may see things differently.

Jobs:  Hillary  should skip this debate.

Wall Street:  Kudos to Hillary.  But:  Mark Faber came out to day saying that while Trump might destroy the U.S. economy, Hillary would destroy the world economy.  Faber is a Wall Street bear.

Environment:  Hillary will preach man-made global warming.  Trump will say B.S.  No votes changed here.

Likability:  Hillary is as likable as tooth repair.  Trump is as likable as a shot of Jack on a July Friday in southern Arizona.  That’s the way the media will play it.  They’ll say, take your bad medicine.

To all here:  Hate Trump and all that he stands for.

To all here:  Do you prefer Clinton to Trump?