Why?  Because I oppose abortion but support choice.  I hate abortion.  Loathe it.  I know Roe v. Wade is wrong.  I want Roe v. Wade repealed.  But also understand female voters who would vote R but vote D because of abortion.  That’s reality, not purity.

I care about the environment.  But I also believe like Locke and Hume in free markets.  There needs to be a good balance.  A balance that’s fair and reasonable to everyone.

I believe in a strong America.  An America that protects American interests.  An America defended by the best weaponry and technology.  But not not an America that tramples on the Constitution, that tramples on the First Amendment or the Fourth Amendment.

Vote for me if you believe in these things.

BTW, I’m not running for office.  I’ve just laid out a platform.  Please vote for the platform.