A Not-So-Modest Proposal on Abortion

First, overturn Roe v. Wade (1973) and return the abortion debate to the states.

Second, organize at the state level informed opposition to abortion.


Corrupt legislators in some “blue” states — such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont — would ignore modern pre-natal medical technology and pass laws making abortion legal in the first trimester — the Roe rule.

Some states, no doubt, would outlaw abortion except in the case of rape or incest or to save the life of the mother.  This was Alabama’s law in 1970.

Then there would be states — perhaps including Missouri and South Dakota — where abortion opponents would be evenly matched by pro-choicers and pro-abortion types.  These states would follow the 1970 Alabama model but add a provision leaving the decision on abortion up to the sound medical judgment of the woman’s physician.  A lot of docs would punt rather than face the ire of abortion opponents — sorta the situation today in Mississippi.

All “red” states and some other states as well would enact parental notification laws.

Note: Some states have “trigger laws” that will automatically come into effect if Roe v. Wade is repealed.


Over time, some “pro-choice” states would move to restrict abortions.  Why?  Because the medical evidence would overwhelmingly support the notion that abortion is murder.  (I believe that evidence exists today.)


Women everywhere would still be able to get abortions, including illegal abortions.  Why?  Because no law will ever completely eradicate abortion.

But the U.S. would be a more honest place, and the federal government would not — as it does today — endorse murder.


Roe’s real name was (is) Norma L. McCorvey.  In 1995, she declared herself to be pro life.  Since that time, she has been adamantly anti-abortion.

She never had an abortion.

McCorvey came to know that she was deceived by her lawyers, Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee. They kept from her their real goal — to turn abortion into a form of birth control.