[Hi, folks. I would very much like to take the rest of the week off...]

[But let me explain something here. We have lots of people who write blog entries. There is a finite amount of front page space for the list. That means that blog entries will eventually fall off of the front page. This is a thing that happens.]

[When it does, it is a natural tendency to redo the exact same darn diary over and over again, to keep it on the front page. We saw a lot of this during the election, mostly involving the same four or five stories/rumors; and, do you know? It was counterproductive. So: the objections in comments below are noted, and I’m treating this as a spam duplicate diary. Hence, the replacement of the text.]

[Note that the author has not been banned, mostly because I’ve checked him out and he isn’t a left-wing plant. But he should take the hint and stop being so much of a one-trick pony. – Moe Lane]