I Am Losing Faith in the General Intelligence & Fairness of Republicans

I have been a huge fan and public defender of Sarah Palin here in New York City since the week she was picked.

I was thrilled that she did well at the VP debate.

But the specific rumors about Palin’s lack of knowledge or “knowledgeability” as Carl Cameron stated it to Bill O’Reilly (video here) must be considered and if not true must be specifically repudiated by the McCain campaign, if not by the man himself … John McCain.

From Cameron:

“gaps in her knowledge … things she simply didn’t know … real problems with basic civics … government structures … municipal, state, and federal government responsibilities … she didn’t know the nations involved in NAFTA … she wasn’t able to name the countries in the NAFTA debate … she didn’t understand that Africa was a continent and not a country … Palin asked the aides if South Africa wasn’t just part of the country of Africa as opposed to a country in the continent. Palin didn’t understand the idea of American Exceptionalism. All of these things caused great doubts, great doubts“.

Cameron continues:Palin refused preparation for the Couric interview, it didn’t go well, and Palin blamed Nicole Wallace. The rift then began to unfold. Palin then began to attack staff and suggest she was mishandled and communicated that to a handful of people both in the McCain campaign and outside and then the real back and forth (infighting) began. The campaign felt she wasn’t prepared to get out there on her own and defend herself (and I’d have to agree with them!).

O’Reilly confesses that Palin wanted to do an interview with him but McCain aides wouldn’t let her … that “Senator (McCain) had to sit next to her”!

I ask all you fine folks to consider these rumors. Do you really think someone would have made up all these specific charges and leaked them and not be concerned that at least one McCain or Palin aide would go on the air and dismiss these as vicious, complete lies and identify the liars?

Isn’t it significant that no one has?!

You don’t think there’s a shred of probability that these charges are true?

If true, the dear Sarah Palin should not seek the national spotlight again for the sake of our party and the GOP should not seek her out again. It is time we moved on. I’m sure you would agree.

It doesn’t matter how much we fell in love with her story. This lack of knowledge and her behavior cannot be representative of the national GOP.

That said … I will make some calls today to the McCain campaign and John McCain’s offices to get some response.

I honestly hope these charges are false. If not however, we need to say goodbye to dear Sarah.

Victor T